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We offer
forwarding services
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We are one of the major providers of comprehensive services in railway transport, forwarding and logistics. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Rail transportation

Rail transportation

We are a licensed rail carrier. We are active in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We always provide customers with comprehensive custom-made solutions that are specifically based on their requirements.

In terms of rail transport, we provide clients with the transport of individual wagons and the transport of complete trains. All in three modes – spot, regular and just-in-time. We have an entire fleet of more than 250 vehicles at our disposal, and it is constantly growing to meet the needs of our customers.

Flexibility is our first priority. We are also not afraid of special shipments. Our team of experienced experts knows how to process permits and transport goods throughout Europe in any of the above-mentioned regimes.

Forwarding services

Forwarding services

We will take care of logistics. We provide comprehensive point-to-point logistics services and services related to or preceding independent transport.

We care about the satisfaction of our customers. We provide port services to all European seas, sea transport, including ocean voyages, road and air transport. We will also take care of the requirements for customs entry or exit of goods from the EU.

We are specialists and have a dense network of partners throughout Europe. We cooperate with forwarders and national and private carriers. We understand the transport market and we use the synergies between individual means of transport for the benefit of customers.



We operate dozens of railways in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, replacing more than 750 trucks per week and contributing to the improvement of the environment. We provide our customers with services in the business, operational and legislative areas associated with railway operation.

How are we better than our competitors?

Each of our customers has their own account manager

Our dispatching department secures smooth progress

24/7 supervision